racism and classism microdose

The Racism and Classism Hidden Behind “Moms who Microdose”

Highlighting "moms who microdose" has become a trend in psychedelic media, but these articles are full of racist and classist presumptions
Psychedelic Integration Coach

The Messy Job of a Psychedelic Integration Coach

Psychedelic therapy involves the processing of many complex emotions, and the psychedelic integration coach is here to help
Veterans and chronic pain

Can Psychedelics Help Veterans with Chronic Pain?

Many veterans suffer from dual epidemics of chronic pain and opioid dependence. Can psychedelics help vets curb addiction and fight chronic pain?
Shroomyz magic mushroom dispensary

A Look Inside Shroomyz Magic Mushroom Dispensary

As Canada enters the era of retail psilocybin mushroom shops, we visit Shroomyz magic mushroom dispensary in Toronto to see for ourselves
Ketamine therapy in Alabama

Kenton Bartlett is Offering True Ketamine Therapy in Birmingham, Alabama

Access to psychedelic therapy can be challenging for people living in southern states, but Kenton Bartlett is bringing ketamine therapy to Alabama
Psychedelic Twitter Bots

Psychedelic Twitter is Swarmed by Plug Bots

Psychedelic Twitter is a place for many interesting discussions, until you say "shrooms", and then swarms of plug bots arrive
Aaron Rodgers AyahuascaStable Diffusion

Aaron Rodgers talks Ayahuasca on NFL Sunday

During a primetime interview with Fox Sports Sunday, the Packers QB credited ayahuasca with his recent MVP-caliber play
Psychedelics in India

What is the Status of Psychedelics in India?

India is known as the home of the visionary brew Soma, Goa Trance, and Bhang Lassies, but what is the legal status of psychedelics in India?
Psychedelic AI Music Video

This AI Generated Music Video is a Psychedelic Nightmare

AI content creators like Stable Diffusion allow artists to create psychedelic music videos that will blow your mind. See for yourself
Drugs in Alabama

Psychedelic South: The Quest to find Good Drugs in Alabama

Moving from San Francisco to Alabama comes with some culture shock, including the inability to find good drugs or a psychedelic community