New York Lawmakers File a Bill to Legalize Natural Psychedelics

New York Lawmakers File a Bill to Legalize Natural Psychedelics

As the psychedelic revolution continues to spread across the US, New York lawmakers have thrown their hat in the ring and pre-filed a bill aiming to legalize certain natural psychedelics. It's clear that legal reform is gaining ground when it…
Quebec first Canadian province to cover costs of psilocybin therapy

Quebec First Canadian Province to Cover Costs of Psilocybin Therapy

Quebec becomes the first Canadian province to cover costs associated with psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy.
Researchers expect that most US states will legalize psychedelic drugs by 2037.

Researchers Expect that Most US States Will Legalize Psychedelics by 2037

Researchers predict that most states in the US will legalize psychedelics by 2037.
therapsil compassionate access

Patients and Medical Professionals to Make First In-Person Appearance in Ottawa This Month

Seeking more compassionate access to psilocybin as an alternative for Canadians suffering from chronic disease, addiction and palliative depression
Decrim Ballot Initiatives

Lawmakers Announce Bipartisan Psychedelic Caucus

Psychedelics come to congress as members of both parties seek to advance research to treat veterans and active duty military
Shroomyz magic mushroom dispensary

Raids of Shroomyz and Lizard Labs Highlights Risks of Psychedelic Gray Market

Authorities in Canada and the EU have moved to shut down gray market psychedelic retailers and online sellers
Decrim Ballot Initiatives

Math Over Myth: Psychedelic & Cannabis Ballot Initiative Recap

The 2022 midterm elections featured cannabis and psychedelics decriminalization in many states. Here are the results
colorado psychedelics decriminalization

Breaking: Colorado Becomes the 2nd State to Decriminalize Psychedelics

In a tight race that came down the wire, Colorado voters approve Measure 122 to decriminalize small amounts of psychedelic drugs
Decrim Ballot Initiatives

Drug Legalization Ballot Initiative Breakdown

Psychedelics and marijuana are on the ballot in six states this year, here's your guide to all the current drug legalization measures
czech ayahuasca prison sentence

Couple Sentenced to Eight Years for Czech Ayahuasca Ceremonies

A Polish couple is sentenced to eight years in prison for hosting ayahuasca ceremonies at their home in the Czech Republic