The psychedelic medicine space is ramping up. More people than ever are turning to centuries-old practices to enhance their lives and overcome a wide range of mental health conditions. The number of clinics and therapy centers opening around the world continues to increase, but there is one at the cutting edge, setting the bar high for what psychedelic medicine can be.

MycoMeditations offers psilocybin-assisted retreats to people ready to heal. The organization offers 3-dose retreats and is known to work with high doses for maximum effect. Retreat group sizes are purposely smaller with a high ratio of staff in order for guests to receive the care and attention they need. The program often accepts guests with severe cases of depression, anxiety, and trauma that most other retreats or research would turn away.

And as one of the most experienced retreats in the world having helped over 1500 guests, MycoMeditations is already making waves in the emerging psychedelic industry.

What started as a small enterprise in 2014 serving a small number of guests soon exploded into something bigger than the team could have imagined.

“After Michael Pollan’s book How To Change Your Mind was released in 2018, a huge wave of interest towards psilocybin-assisted therapy developed, and as one of the earliest known psilocybin mushroom retreats, interest in what MycoMeditations offered soared,” explained Mike Ljubsa, business director at MycoMeditations. 

“We slowly began to expand our offerings and refine our methodology to create what we see as the gold standard for psilocybin-assisted therapy in group retreat settings to where we are today, in this ongoing process of refinement and creation.”

Retreats Customized For Each Individual, Neutral Approach Respects All

Guests of MycoMeditations can expect a week full of significant healing and personal breakthroughs in a naturally serene environment. Empathetic and highly-trained professionals guide patients through a personalized experience where dosing is tailored to meet each individual’s needs. While it can be cathartic, it’s also hard work. 

Between daily preparation and integration sessions, guests complete approximately 15 hours of group therapy throughout the retreat. Post-retreat integration is held on Zoom and guests can join retreat alumni networks via WhatsApp.

MycoMeditations takes an agnostic approach to psychedelic therapy, ensuring guests are able to glean their own understanding of the process.

“There are many historical frameworks that these medicines are a part of, as the origin of this work comes from countless indigenous and shamanic communities,” Ljubsa said. “The wisdom of these communities is highlighted in the vastness of what these experiences entail, however, the large body of people becoming interested in this medicine in the 21st century come from a completely different culture and background. Modern psychedelic research has now swung the pendulum surrounding this work into a highly medicalized model, which has its own set of limitations.”

“An agnostic approach to psychedelic therapy is important, as removing preconceived dogmas and combining the best of both worlds is the best way to bridge people into these experiences. This allows people to find their own meaning and establish their own frameworks on how to understand these experiences.”

MycoMeditations Sets the Standard, Aims to Expand Global Offerings

With the ongoing success of MycoMeditations, the company aims to help even more people all around the world. As the legalization of psychedelic therapy continues to spread, guests may soon be able to experience all that MycoMeditations has to offer in a number of breathtaking locations.

The group continues to establish itself as the most respected and credible source of psilocybin-assisted therapy, with 91% of people who have gone through the program stating the experience was “positively life-changing.” For Ljubsa and the entire MycoMeditations team, the feedback is a testament to the synergy between their retreat program and the inherent healing properties of psilocybin mushrooms.

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