Microdosing and Healing with Zenchronicity

Sisters Megan and Nicole Smith are helping heal trauma at the source through their Zenchronicity microdose mentorship 
San Francisco Psychedelics Decrim

What’s in the San Francisco Psychedelics Decrim Resolution?

San Francisco becomes the latest city to decriminalize entheogenic plants in another win for Decriminalize Nature
ARK Invest psychedelic

Psychedelic Stocks: ARK Invest and the Reverse Midas Touch

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Cathie Wood is buying up stocks from the most dubious actors in the psychedelic sector. Given ARK Invest’s subpar performance, is that a good thing?
Decriminalize Nature Peyote Decriminalization

Conspiracy and Antisemitism in the Debate Over Peyote Decriminalization

The leader of Decriminalize Nature is accused of sharing an antisemitic image to implicate other activists in the battle over peyote decriminalization
Sex and Psychedelics

Finding the Messy Middle with Sex and Psychedelics

Combining sex and psychedelics can be fun and adventurous, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming. What happens in the messy middle?
Psychedelic Kids Cartoons

The Best Psychedelic Trips from Kids Cartoons

Animators love putting trippy scenes in their work, even in shows for kids. Here are the best psychedelic trips from kids cartoons
Is Marijuana a Psychedelic

Is Marijuana a Psychedelic?

High doses of cannabis can cause hallucinations and otherworldly experiences, but is marijuana a psychedelic? Here are some facts
Psi Phenomena in Psychedelics

Investigating Psi Phenomena in Psychedelics

People on psychedelics often report sensations of clairvoyance, telepathy, and ESP. We talk with a researcher who investigates psi phenomena in psychedelics
Psychedelic Decriminalization

Psychedelic Decriminalization vs Legalization: What’s the Difference?

Psychedelic decriminalization has long been the goal of many activists, but it is a long way from true legalization. What's the difference?
moms who microdose

The Growing Trend of Moms Who Microdose

The constant stress of motherhood can lead to chronic depression and burnout, but these UK moms who microdose think they have found the solution