Psychedelics and Grief

The Connection Between Psychedelics and Grief

Psychedelics and grief both create profound personal experiences with the power to produce change through intense emotional responses
psychedelic virtual realityShutterstock

Can Virtual Reality Simulate the Effects of a Psychedelic Trip?

Researchers are studying the effects of novel VR applications to see if they can produce effects similar to psychedelics, but do they work?
Veterans and chronic pain

Can Psychedelics Help Veterans with Chronic Pain?

Many veterans suffer from dual epidemics of chronic pain and opioid dependence. Can psychedelics help vets curb addiction and fight chronic pain?
The Awakening of Consciousness Conference with Paul Karasik

The Awakening of Consciousness Conference with Paul Karasik

In this episode, Matthew and Paul discuss The Psychedelic Institute's aspirations with the launch of the Awakening of Consciousness Conference, the differences between legalization and decriminalization, and the importance of being brave, and thinking outside the box in understanding what it takes to make the most of one's own experience of sacred plant medicines.
Havn Life Collapses

Math Over Myth: Psychedelic Stock HAVN Life Collapses

The psychedelic corporate shakeout continues as another company, HAVN Life Sciences, folds due to lack of cash flow
Psychedelics Aiding Recovery with Arrowyn Ambrose

Psychedelics Aiding Recovery with Arrowyn Ambrose

In this episode, Arrowyn speaks on how psychedelics are integrated into recovery and addiction, how community can profoundly impact those in recovery, and how we can assist those who are in need of psychedelic therapy but may not have access.
Shroomyz magic mushroom dispensary

A Look Inside Shroomyz Magic Mushroom Dispensary

As Canada enters the era of retail psilocybin mushroom shops, we visit Shroomyz magic mushroom dispensary in Toronto to see for ourselves
colorado psychedelics decriminalization

Psychedelic Decriminalization is on the Ballot in Colorado

This November, Colorado voters have the chance to decriminalize psychedelic plant medicines for personal and therapeutic use
Ketamine therapy in Alabama

Kenton Bartlett is Offering True Ketamine Therapy in Birmingham, Alabama

Access to psychedelic therapy can be challenging for people living in southern states, but Kenton Bartlett is bringing ketamine therapy to Alabama
Psychedelics in Palliative Care

End of Life: Psychedelics in Palliative Care

We interview Dr. Paul Thielking, Chief Science Officer of Numinus, about the use of psychedelics in palliative care and end of life care