Scientists Create A New DMT: Can it Treat Depression? | Psychedelic Therapy

When it comes to treating mental health conditions with psychedelic therapy, one of the most promising compounds is DMT, the main ingredient in the brew ayahuasca. While DMT may have many potential advantages over other similar compounds such as psilocybin, for example, its short duration of effect, the hallucination can be very intense.

It is an open question whether the mental health benefits we see from psychedelic therapy are due to the experience one undergoes when having a hallucination, or whether it comes strictly from the drug’s effects on the brain. If it is the latter, then hypothetically speaking, we could create a version of DMT that does not cause a hallucination.

Enter Psilera Biosciences.

Psilera is a psychedelic medicines company working to create next-generation psychedelics for use in therapeutic settings. Specifically, they aim to create non-psychedelic versions of classical psychedelics such as psilocybin, LSD and DMT.

PSIL-002 is Psilera’s version of non-hallucinogenic DMT. They recently completed a pre-clinical trial in mice that showed that their version of DMT was safe and non-psychedelic. Now they have to show that their version of DMT can treat depression and addiction, starting with alcoholism.

If Psilera’s DMT can treat these mental health conditions equally as well as regular DMT, but without the intense hallucination, then PSIL-002 would probably be the better compound.

It is exciting to see Psilera’s scientists working on answering the following questions:

Can DMT treat depression?
Can psychedelics help with depression?
Can psychedelics help with Mental Health?

Enjoy the episode!
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