Goodby Weed Hello ShroomsShutterstock

Goodbye Weed and Acid, Hello Magic Mushrooms

Public opinion and multiple decriminalization efforts are leading a generational shift away from cannabis and LSD towards magic mushrooms
GoDaddy Founder Bob Parsons

GoDaddy Founder Bob Parsons on Psychedelics and PTSD: Part One

GoDaddy Founder Bob Parsons talks to Psychedelic Spotlight about his time in Vietnam, PTSD, and his healing journey with psychedelics
The Great Microdosing DebateShutterstock

The Great Microdosing Debate

Microdosing psychedelics is more popular than ever, but is there any evidence that it works? We unpack the great microdosing debate.

Can Psychedelics Improve Scientific Creativity?

Scientific discovery comes from creative insights, and a recently published review details how psychedelics can play a major role in scientific creativity.
LSD Discovery

The History of LSD: A Story of Self-Experimentation

Despite the LSD experience lasting only two hours, Hofmann was amazed at the power of his creation. And like any good scientist, he knew exactly what he had to...
5 Psychedelic Books Our Staff LovesShutterstock

5 Psychedelic Books Our Staff Loves

Members of the Psychedelic Spotlight team share their favorite psychedelic books that explore our favorite subject.
Experiencing Danny Elfman on Acid: A Coachella StoryPhoto Credit: Coachella

Experiencing Danny Elfman on Acid: A Coachella Story

Famed film composer returns to rock roots for a masterful, mind-melting Coachella set, and I was fortunate to catch it while tripping on LSD.

Why Investors Should Care About MindMed’s LSD Trial for Anxiety

MindMed will present preliminary results from a Phase 2a study treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder with LSD therapy next month.
Psychedelic Business Spotlight - April 8

Psychedelic Business Spotlight – April 8

This week in psychedelic business news: Field Trip Health secures a patent; Core One Labs seeks more retail investors; a new CEO takes over GABA Therapeutics.
How to Microdose LSD in 5 Easy StepsShutterstock

How to Microdose LSD in 5 Easy Steps

Intention. Journal. Measure. Schedule. Live your best life.