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Psychedelic Renaissance

How Long Can the Psychedelic Renaissance Last?

The Psychedelic Renaissance is now in full effect, but how long can the party last? James Kent looks into previous psychedelic movements to find the answer
AI Music Video

This Psychedelic AI Music Video is a Total Trip

Can an AI music video emulate the dreamlike wonder of a psychedelic trip? Take a look and see for yourself
California Psychedelic Decriminalization

California’s Cowardly Politicians Gut Psychedelic Decriminalization Bill

The California legislature had the power to act on psychedelic decriminalization, but instead decided to continue the War on Drugs
Psychedelic Clinical Trials

Three Phase 3 Clinical Trials that Could Legalize Psychedelics

The road to psychedelic legalization has many paths. These 3 clinical trials have the best chances to legalize psychedelics for therapy
Psychedelic Parenting with Plant Parenthood

Psychedelic Parenting with Plant Parenthood

More and more people are turning to psychedelics for healing and insights, even parents. But what does psychedelic parenting look like?

Sol Psychedelphia – A Psychedelics Community Education Event

 “This event wisely explores and intentionally focuses on living better through evidence-based science and the potential that plant and entheogenic substances have for transformative healthcare”, Mia Lowry, Director of Outreach.