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mushroom dispensaries

A (Living) List of North American Psychedelic Dispensaries

Psychedelic dispensaries are opening up all over North America, here's an updated list of where to find them
mad honey

What’s the Deal with Mad Honey?

Mad honey is known for its uses throughout history, but little information exists about the trade and effects of this obscure intoxicant, until now
Psychedelic Integration Coach

The Messy Job of a Psychedelic Integration Coach

Psychedelic therapy involves the processing of many complex emotions, and the psychedelic integration coach is here to help
Psychedelic AI Music Video

This AI Generated Music Video is a Psychedelic Nightmare

AI content creators like Stable Diffusion allow artists to create psychedelic music videos that will blow your mind. See for yourself
Psychedelic Hype Bubble

Finding Nuance in the Psychedelic Hype Bubble

A recent paper claims we are living through a psychedelic hype bubble, but are the claims of miracle cures and mental health revolutions starting to fade?

Introducing the Bonfire Psychedelic Support Community

Personal growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it requires patience and a supportive community. Bonfire is here to give you the support you need
Psychedelic Kids Cartoons

The Best Psychedelic Trips from Kids Cartoons

Animators love putting trippy scenes in their work, even in shows for kids. Here are the best psychedelic trips from kids cartoons
Is Marijuana a Psychedelic

Is Marijuana a Psychedelic?

High doses of cannabis can cause hallucinations and otherworldly experiences, but is marijuana a psychedelic? Here are some facts
Psilocybin Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorder

Psilocybin Reduces Heavy Drinking in Patients with Alcohol Use Disorder

A new study indicates that psilocybin-assisted therapy may reduce heavy drinking in patients with alcohol use disorder, with up to half of patients quitting altogether
Psychedelic Renaissance

How Long Can the Psychedelic Renaissance Last?

The Psychedelic Renaissance is now in full effect, but how long can the party last? James Kent looks into previous psychedelic movements to find the answer