The Risks of Buying Shrooms From Online Dispensaries : Here's What Could Happen
The Risks of Buying Shrooms From Online Dispensaries : Here's What Could Happen

If you’ve ended up here, you are probably already aware of the potential benefits of consuming magic mushrooms. But as more and more people turn to online shroom dispensaries to find a convenient way to procure psilocybin products in order to deal with their anxiety and depression, it is important for users to be on the lookout for scam operations lurking in the digital landscape as well as the legal risks of procuring shrooms online from the gray market.

While there are certainly some responsible online retailers in the gray market who practice safe dealing and represent their product ethically, unfortunately there still exist plenty of sellers that are out looking to trap an unsuspecting customer into investing in psychedelic goods they will never receive.

We won’t be diving into the shroom dispensaries dilemma in this article, as it requires a separate discussion about recreational consumption apart from medical clinics and prescriptions. Many people don’t agree with needing a physician’s prescription or costly therapy sessions to access the potential benefits of consuming shrooms in order to self-medicate. And a large proportion of people believe that if these substances are approved by regulatory bodies like the FDA, they may become more attractive for recreational use.

Needless to say, as clinical trials move forward, the gray market is becoming an increasingly accessible option for those looking to reap the potential healing benefits of psilocybin mushrooms. Without having to wait around for governmental approvals, people now turn to this avenue in order to get their hands on these powerful natural treatments.

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Online Scams

Shopping for products from gray market online shroom dispensaries may come with some anticipated and unanticipated risks – which is why it’s essential to be aware of potential warning signs and take steps for protection.

Jane approached me with a daunting situation that could easily cause one’s anxiety levels to skyrocket. In her situation, she was told that her package was intercepted by the DEA. To ensure you are safe when buying from online shroom dispensaries, let us take an in-depth look into why caution is encouraged.

The Risks of Buying Gray Market Shroom Products Online

One of the biggest risks associated with buying capsules from an online shroom dispensaries is the possibility of being scammed out of your money. Once they have your money, they disappear without providing any product or services or they use the DEA scam to avoid dealing with you.

There is always the possibility that the DEA may actually take your package, and whether or not you face repercussions depends on where you are located as some states have decriminalized psychedelics.

Can the DEA confiscate your package?

Yes. If the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) intercepts a package with a small amount of drugs, the consequences for the person who sent or received the package can vary depending on the specific circumstances. Here are some possible outcomes:

  1. Seizure of the drugs: If the DEA intercepts a package with drugs, they will likely seize the drugs as evidence. The DEA may conduct further investigation to determine who sent or received the package, and whether they are involved in any drug-related criminal activity.
  2. Investigation and potential charges: If the DEA determines that the person who sent or received the package is involved in drug trafficking, they may conduct a more extensive investigation and potentially press charges. The severity of the charges will depend on the amount and type of drugs involved, as well as the person’s criminal history and other relevant factors.
  3. Warning or civil penalty: In some cases, the DEA may issue a warning or impose a civil penalty rather than pursuing criminal charges. This may be more likely if the amount of drugs involved is small and the person has no prior criminal record.
  4. Confiscation of property: If the DEA determines that the drugs were purchased using the proceeds of drug trafficking, they may seek to confiscate the person’s property, including any assets that can be linked to drug-related activity.

So, if the DEA intercepts a package with a small amount of drugs, the person who sent or received the package may face a range of legal consequences, depending on the specific circumstances. It is important to note that drug trafficking is a serious crime, and even a small amount of drugs can result in significant legal penalties.

What happens if the DEA intercepts small amounts of psychedelics that are decriminalized?

The consequences of the DEA intercepting small amounts of psychedelics that are decriminalized would depend on a number of factors, including the specific laws of the state or jurisdiction where the drugs were intercepted and the circumstances surrounding the interception. Here are some possible scenarios:

  1. No legal consequences: In some states and jurisdictions where psychedelics have been decriminalized, possession of small amounts of these drugs is no longer considered a criminal offense. If the intercepted package contained a small amount of a decriminalized psychedelic, the DEA may not take any legal action against the sender or recipient.
  2. Civil penalties: Even in states or jurisdictions where possession of small amounts of psychedelics has been decriminalized, it is still possible that the DEA could impose civil penalties for the shipment of these drugs through the mail. For example, the sender or recipient of the package may face fines or other civil penalties for violating federal drug laws.
  3. Investigation and potential charges: It is possible that even if possession of psychedelics has been decriminalized, the DEA could still investigate the sender or recipient of a package containing these drugs if they suspect that the individual is involved in drug trafficking or other criminal activity. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the individual could potentially face criminal charges.

Jane’s cautionary story

Jane was not an experienced psilonaut. She had learned about the potential benefits of microdosing psilocybin and was seeking a safe way to procure herself with capsules so she can reduce her drinking and deal with her anxiety and mild depression.

She was reading a post about microdosing on Instagram. “Someone in the comments recommended a microdosing account,” Jane said. “They said they had helped them with microdosing. So, I followed their page and they asked me if I wanted any information on microdosing. They said they could sell me 50 pills for $250 and that it would come with instructions to help with depression and anxiety,” she continued.

“I sent money through Zelle, which is through my bank which I thought was safe. But I guess that is bad scammers’ use.”

Jane never received her package so she messaged the seller online. What she got as response was pretty disturbing.

“They said the package got intercepted by DEA and they are going to be after us and that I need to comply with the DEA.”

You may follow the Instagram thread below. Some parts of the conversation are concealed to preserve anonymity.

 Beware of Online Magic Mushroom Dispensaries Scams
The Gray Market on Instagram
Online shroom dispensaries
The Gray Market on Instagram – Pt 2
dangers buying from online psychedelic dispensaries
The Gray Market on Instagram – Pt 3
The Gray Market on Instagram – Pt 4
The Gray Market on Instagram – Pt 5


“I totally feel like this is a scam. I’m super embarrassed that I fell for it, and bummed”, Jane says.

Needless to say, Jane never got her package nor did she get refunded.

That’s the problem with online gray market sellers – you’re never a 100% sure whether situations like this one are the perfect example of a scam or the DEA actually intercepted your package… Either way, the money you’ve invested is gone with the wind.

Either way, an event like this can definitely give you more anxiety while looking for ways to treat it. The irony, eh?

Online Shroom Gray Market Communication

Now, let’s be honest, the gray market has existed for years and in most occasions, the sellers find safe ways to discuss their products pricing and payment gateways. Generally, they use safer messaging platforms such as Telegram. Online shroom dispensaries are no different.

Telegram has skyrocketed from obscurity to become one of the most prominent names in private messaging within a year. After WhatsApp declared they would be sharing users’ data with Meta, their parent company, many people sought out alternative options and found Telegram as an ideal solution; its focus on user privacy makes it seem like a perfect choice for those looking for an untraceable way to communicate.

Although Instagram may be the initial platform of introduction, it’s rare that conversations surrounding psilocybin capsules and edibles don’t transition to Telegram soon after.

Recently, Royal Holloway conducted research and discovered vulnerabilities in the cryptography utilized by Telegram, which has a reputation as a secure messaging application. However, this security is mainly due to its features rather than strong encryption.

Although Telegram proclaims itself to be a secure messaging app, its lack of default end-to-end encryption places it at a disadvantage compared to platforms like Signal which prioritize privacy by providing full end-to-end encryption for all messages.

Despite the fact that conversing on the gray market is comparatively safer than using Meta messaging platforms, it still doesn’t guarantee 100% security. All in all, while opting to buy gray market products over Telegram or even WhatsApp for some may be a more secure choice overall, it’s critical to remember that there are still risks involved.

Product quality, safety and efficacy

Finally, there is always the risk that the product itself may not be up to par with what was promised upon purchase. Some online shroom distributors make unsubstantiated claims about their products without providing any evidence or proof to back them up. This can leave you at risk for purchasing low quality or tainted products that may not provide any benefit whatsoever or even cause harm if used incorrectly or excessively consumed.

To keep away from potential risks, adequate education and harm reduction protocols are essential. Before buying any type of shroom, you should learn about the various strains of psilocybin mushrooms and their potency levels; in addition, one must be aware if it is safe to combine them with other medications or substances. Additionally, different routes for administration need to be studied as well as safe microdosing protocols.

Only after the fact, you should do you research on the various online mushroom dispensaries and whether they’re safe and legitimate.

As you can see, there are many risks associated with buying capsules from gray market online shroom dispensaries. While it’s understandable that some people may feel more comfortable purchasing this type of product digitally due to ease and convenience factors, it’s important to always do your research beforehand and exercise caution when making these types of purchases over the internet. Be sure to only purchase products from reputable sources who can provide evidence backing up any claims made about their products, and never send money through suspicious payment methods under any circumstances.

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