These Are Some of the Most Affordable Psychedelic Retreats Out There
These Are Some of the Most Affordable Psychedelic Retreats Out There

Psychedelic retreats have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more people are turning towards alternative methods of healing and self-discovery. However, these retreats can often come with a hefty price tag, making them inaccessible for many. Most psychedelic retreats start around $3,500 – $6,000, and this is the base level. Prices can reach up to $10,000, sometimes even more, depending on the length of stay, amenities, and how “luxurious” you want your traditional plant ceremony to be. This has led to concerns about inequality within the space, with only those who can afford it being able to access the benefits of these powerful substances.  But in an effort to address this issue, we have scoured the web to find some of the most affordable psychedelic retreats out there.

Through our research, we have found some retreats that offer affordable options for those who are interested in exploring the therapeutic potential of psychedelics with either ayahuasca, psilocybin, or San Pedro (mescaline). Psychedelics hold a lot of power to help people in profound ways, thus such traditional plant medicines should be accessible to everyone. In this article, we will delve into each of these retreats, exploring what they offer and why they may be a good fit for those looking to embark on a psychedelic journey without breaking the bank. Please note these prices do not include flights to respective cities.

ETNIKAS | Peru | $675+

Photo of Etnikas psychedelic retreat found in Peru, one of the most affordable psychedelic retreats.
Aerial view of the grounds where Etnikas retreats take place. Courtesy of Etnikas.

Etnikas is a Peruvian-based retreat center that specializes in plant medicine healing and shamanic ceremonies and is definitely one of the most affordable psychedelic retreats currently out there. The center is located in the Sacred Valley, which is a two-hour drive from Machu Picchu and one-hour drive from Cusco. The retreat center looks out over a small valley with a stream at its base to provide an environment that serene and relaxing and has a close connection with nature. Etnikas offer a variety of retreat options that range in length from 3 to 7 days. Their three-day retreats include two ayahuasca ceremonies and their five/seven-day retreats three ayahuasca ceremonies. Their seven-day retreat includes two days visiting the sacred grounds of Machu Picchu. Prices start at $675 for a 3-day retreat and go up to $1,700 for 7 days.

According to Etnikas, guests receive the support of an experienced healer from both the Amazon (Shipibo/Onaya) and the Andes (Qero/Pampamisayoq). The Shipibo shaman specializes in plant medicine and the Qero healer in energy medicine. The retreats include plant medicine ceremonies with ayahuasca, which they make in-house by blending ayahuasca and chacruna. Ceremonies occur in small groups of up to 18 people, which allows facilitator the ability to personalize the retreat and provide the opportunity for in-depth consultations with healers. In the ceremony, the healer will chant icaros or prayers/mantras throughout the four hours in which the effects of the medicine are in full effect. Tobacco smoke, floral perfumes are used to create protection for the ceremony.

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GAIA SAGRADA | Ecuador | $950+

Gaia Sagrada psychedelic retreat grounds. Found in Ecuador and considered one of the most affordable psychedelic retreats.
Aerial view of the Gaia Sagrada grounds. Courtesy of Gaia Sagrada.

Gaia Sagrada is a psychedelic retreat center located in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. They offer various retreats, including Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and Huachuma, each with its own specific focus and benefits. Their 6-day retreat includes 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 San Pedro ceremony, while the 7 and 12-day retreats offer more Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies, as well as a sweat lodge ceremony with Ayahuasca or San Pedro or both (optional to take any or just one).

Prices for retreats at Gaia Sagrada vary depending on the length and type of retreat, but they start at $950 for a 6-day retreat, making it one of the most affordable psychedelic retreats out there. The price includes housing, food – all meals and 24/7 snacks in the community center, hot tubs and sauna, free Wi-Fi fiber optic internet, 55-acre grounds and country roads for hiking, community center, yoga, meditation, workshops, activities, music room, and a library.

According to Gaia Sagrada, they are not in it for the money. Their prime directive is the awakening of humanity. They are run by a non-profit organization (Wisdom of the Heart 501(c)3) and aim to make prices close to costs, so everyone can partake. This makes Gaia Sagrada stand out among the fast-growing world of psychedelic retreats, as many are for-profit models with prices reaching up to $10,000.

CASA DEL SOL | Ecuador | $1,500+

Photo of ceremony at Casa del Sol, one of the most affordable psychedelic retreats.
Photo of guests at a ceremony at Casa del Sol. Courtesy of Casa del Sol

Casa Del Sol is a psychedelic retreat located in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, that offers an array of plant medicine retreats. The center provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore the healing potential of sacred plant medicines such as ayahuasca, San Pedro, Kambo, psilocybin mushrooms, Temazcal, and Rapé. The retreats are facilitated by experienced shamans and facilitators who guide participants through the transformative experiences with care and attention. The retreat packages include accommodations, meals, plant medicine ceremonies, workshops, and integration sessions. The center also offers a variety of other activities such as yoga, meditation, and excursions to nearby natural sites.

Prices vary depending on the retreat package and length. Prices start at $1,500 for an 11-day vision quest, which constitutes of 4 days and 4 nights in the mountain, in solitude, imploring the Great Spirit a vision for your life. In those days, there is no eating, drinking, or speaking. The remainder of the days are used to prepare before the trip and provide guidance and care afterward.

Casa Del Sol also offer 11-day Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreats starting at $1,800. The retreat includes 10 nights of lodging in a beautiful natural environment close to the river. Guests are provided with three vegetarian meals per day, all of which are organic and mostly vegan. The retreat includes two Ayahuasca ceremonies, one San Pedro traditional ceremony, one San Pedro with sweat lodge, and one San Pedro mountain hike. Guests also have the option to include the Rape medicine with each ceremony. Additionally, the retreat includes two Sweat Lodges, one of which includes San Pedro medicine. A laundry service is provided, and guests can participate in workshops, sharing circles, and integration activities that include transportation. Rest days are also included in the retreat program. Casa Del Sol is a great option to experience the traditional psychedelic ceremonies of ayahuasca and San Pedro at a relatively affordable price.

MYCELIA | Jamaica | $2,495

Photo of the property where the Mycelia retreat takes place in Jamaica. Courtesy of Mycelia.

Mycelia is a psilocybin retreat located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica that offers guests a 4-day weekend getaway. It’s an affordable choice compared to other psilocybin retreats, with prices starting at $2,495 for Jungle Firefly Therapy for anyone using the discount code PsycSpot1 which allows people to get a $1000 discount.  The Mycelia Retreat offers a personalized and transformative experience where their guests receive individualized attention from highly-qualified facilitators and gain access to massage therapy, yoga classes, sound healing sessions, ceremonial tea ceremonies with their signature psilocybin chocolates, as well as the breathtaking beauty of riverscapes and private beaches. They provide a total of 3 psilocybin sessions followed by integration therapy. Before the experience begins, their staff members carefully evaluate each guest’s health background and goals for the retreat so that the visitors can take full advantage of all it has to offer in complete safety. Mycelia is a unique and affordable choice for those seeking the benefits of psilocybin in a safe and supportive environment with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and The White River. Mycelia’s hosts are passionate about their Jungle Therapy experience and its ability to reconnect guests with nature while purging negative thoughts and behaviors. The night ends in a beautiful display of fireflies followed by a cleansing bonfire ceremony as the perfect culmination of their visitors’ stay, followed by a full day of integration.

NIHUE RAO | Peru | $1,400+

Ceremony at Nihue Rao
Participants partaking in a ceremony at Nihue Rao. Courtesy of Nihue Rao.

Nihue Rao is an ayahuasca retreat center located in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. The center is known for its authentic Shipibo shamanism practices and offers various retreats ranging from a week to a month in length. During these retreats, participants engage in multiple ayahuasca ceremonies, traditional plant medicine treatments, plant baths, and healing rituals led by the experienced Shipibo shamans. Their retreats are priced at three levels: Discovery at $1,400 for 7 days, Starter at $,1800 for 11 days, and Extended at $3,900 for a month. Considering that some retreats that are less than a week cost $5,000, Nihue Rao provides one of the most affordable psychedelic retreats available.

Their Discovery retreat provides a 7-day stay, including lodging, ayahuasca-diet meals, 4 ayahuasca ceremonies lead by Maestro Ricardo Amaringo, his family, and a personal icaro at each ceremony. During this journey, guests receive a natural plant purgative to clean the stomach and 2 flower baths for energetic body cleaning. After the journey with ayahuasca, Nihue Rao explains guests will become be aware of the reality of the spiritual world and learn how to navigate the experience. Their retreats include personal and collective debriefing with Maestro Ricardo Amaringo and individual support from their staff to aid you in processing your experience.

ATMAN RETREAT | Jamaica | $350 (special cases only) / $2,295

Ceremonial space at Atman Retreat located in Jamaica
Ceremonial space at the Atman Retreat. Courtesy of Atman.

A special retreat worth mentioning is Atman Retreats. This is a psilocybin retreat in Jamaica that offers a transformative experience for those seeking healing and self-discovery and is one of the few that provide a low-income price point optioin. Prices start at $2,295 per person, with a low-income option priced at $350 which is allotted to those with limited financial means. At such a low price, it can draw many people to want to apply, but Atman asks for people to apply for a low-income ticket only if it applies to them, and if a low-income ticket is their only realistic option for attending the retreat. To qualify for this price, applicants simply have to indicate their preference when asked on the application form and answer a few additional questions about their financial situation.

The retreats are four days and three nights long and accommodate 12 people with the guidance of three facilitators. The price includes a psilocybin session in a group setting, accommodation, Caribbean-flavored meals prepared fresh daily, guided preparation and integration activities, 1-on-1 check-ins with facilitators, group movement and meditation practice, access to a private beachfront and swimming pool, transport to and from Montego Bay Airport, a follow-up integration call post-retreat, and preparation and integration written materials. Overall, Atman Retreats provides a safe and supportive environment for participants to explore the potential of psilocybin and integrate their experiences into their daily lives.

Overall, psychedelic retreats can be pretty expensive and out of many people’s budgets, but there are some that exists that aim to provide accessible prices with the same goal in mind: to provide people the opportunity to experience deep spiritual and psychological insight from the use of drugs like ayahuasca, psilocybin, mescaline, and more. If you are considering taking a trip to a psychedelic retreat soon, take a look at some of the most affordable psychedelic retreats available to you.

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