Open Circle Alliance, Boston Massachusetts

On Thursday, June 27th, Open Circle Alliance held their launch party, at More Than Words Bookstore in Boston, Massachusetts. The event was a vibrant celebration of an organization dedicated to developing the psychedelic community in MA, educating on psychedelic substances, and all kinds of different psychedelic policies, if they benefit MA residents. Open Circle Alliance, with its compelling mission and inspiring leadership, is poised to make significant waves in the world of psychedelic education and empowerment.

The Vision and Mission of Open Circle Alliance

Open Circle Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose founding members came together after learning of the 2024 ballot initiative that would create regulated access to psychedelic therapy for Massachusetts. The co-founders saw the need for conversation, collaboration, and innovation across diverse perspectives and experiences. They wanted to shepherd the development of a safe and supportive psychedelic ecosystem that would potentially encompass a legal psychedelic therapy system, but that would also address a broader range of issues and goals for psychedelics in Massachusetts.

Three Founding Members: Pioneers in Psychedelic Advocacy

Open Circle Alliance was founded by three remarkable women, each bringing a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to the organization.

Rebecca Slater, Co-Founder: Frustrated by the status quo of American mental health care, Rebecca is focused on the healing potential of psychedelics for healing complex trauma. This led her to advocacy work with the Heroic Hearts Project, the Boston Psychedelic Research Group, and to her creation of a welcoming and safe online space for veterans and those who serve them — to make connections, share knowledge, and support one another.

Stefanie Jones, Co-Founder: Stefanie is a seasoned public policy expert with extensive experience in drug policy reform. Her insights into the regulatory landscape and her ability to navigate complex political environments have been invaluable to the Alliance’s mission of promoting responsible psychedelic use.

Emily Oneschuk, Co-Founder: Emily is a leading voice in the psychedelic therapy community. Her dedication to advancing research and her personal journey with psychedelics have made her a passionate advocate for their therapeutic potential. Emily’s work focuses on ensuring that these therapies are accessible to all, particularly underserved populations like veterans suffering from PTSD.

Extended Visibility: A Closer Look at Emily Oneschuk

Emily Oneschuk’s involvement in the realm of psychedelic therapy was catalyzed by her personal transformative encounters. Her journey into understanding the therapeutic potential of psychedelics led her to advocate passionately for their accessibility.

“We are focused on developing the psychedelic community within MA, educating on psychedelic substances and opening conversations about an array of different psychedelic policies, not just therapy,” said Oneschuk. “We want to make sure people know that we are looking at the topic broadly and working to create a community that considers and supports many facets of the space.” 

The Broader Implications: Why Open Circle Alliance Matters

In a political climate that isn’t set up to promote education and understanding of cultural and medical innovations on the vanguard, the work of Open Circle Alliance is more important than ever. Mental health crises are on the rise, and traditional treatments are not always effective. Psychedelics may very well offer a new approach, and by their fascinating nature can inspire communities to come together with a spirit of openness that can be resoundingly empowering.

Groups like these are at the forefront of a movement where local action matters so much. Well-organized and focused regional efforts, by their example, may inform national policy in time, but keeping the dialogue open and accessible to people where they are can make what might seem like obscure or grandiose ideas that much more palatable.

The organization is dedicated to connecting Massachusetts-based psychedelic thought leaders, practitioners, organizations, communities and individuals. Alongside others working towards healing, justice and health, Open Circle Alliance aims to enhance public understanding of psychedelic substances, build a supportive network, amplify existing work, promote safety and collaboration, and advocate for the best possible psychedelic policies for Massachusetts.

It’s important to bring awareness to grassroots organizations and events like these, because where our politicians fail us, our body politic endeavors to take meaningful, organized and eloquent action.

Getting Involved

For those interested in supporting the work of Open Circle Alliance, there are several ways to get involved. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a policy advocate, or simply someone who believes in the potential of psychedelics to heal, Open Circle Alliance welcomes your involvement.

You can learn more about their work and how to get involved by visiting their website at There, you’ll find information on their initiatives, upcoming events, and ways to support their mission.

Why It Matters: A Call to Action

The launch of Open Circle Alliance is one example of numerous beacon of hope springing up across this country and elsewhere. As we continue to face mind boggling challenges and roadblocks to sensible policy reform in our healthcare system, organizations like this are leading the way toward new and innovative solutions. At Psychedelic Spotlight, we are proud to support their work and to share their message with our readers.

This is what Democracy in action looks like. In a world where political debates often overshadow real solutions and energized discourse, Open Circle Alliance is a reminder that change is possible. Visit Open Circle Alliance online at

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