The psychedelic medicines industry had a revolutionary year in 2021. At the start of the year, there were only a couple of publicly traded companies, but by the end of it, there were dozens. These companies are racing to answer questions such as: Can psychedelics cure depression? Can psychedelic treat anxiety? And, can psychedelics help with mental health?

Though the answers to these questions have not been proven 100%, after 2021, it does appear more likely than not that the answer to some of these at least, is yes. In this video, we will recap some of the most significant milestones of the psychedelics industry in 2021, and end it with what I am looking forward to in the new year.

The first big story of 2021 was the IPOs. Though MindMed (MNMD/MMED) and Compass Pathways (CMPS) went public in 2020, companies such as Field Trip Health (FTRP), Numinus Wellness (NUMI), atai Life Sciences (atai), Cybin Corp (CYBN), and dozens of others joined them in 2021. Add to this the launch of ETFs such as the Horizons Psychedelics ETF (PSYK) and the Advisor Shares Psychedelics ETF (PSIL), and 2021 was a huge year for the advent of public companies in the psychedelic medicines space.

The next big story was uplistings. Not all stock markets are created equal. In order to have the prestigious needed to attract serious money, companies need to be on exchanges such as the Nasdaq, NYSE, and the TSX. In 2021 we saw MindMed, Numinus, Field Trip, Cybin, and more join the big boys league.

Third, was funding. Psychedelic companies are for the most part biotech companies. In order to get a new drug through the clinical trial process, it takes hundreds of millions of dollars. This year we saw atai, Compass, MindMed, Cybin, and Field Trip, among others, raise over a billion dollars for the industry. This will sustain them for years to come.

And finally, 2021 saw a few high-profile clinical trials. The most significant was the MAPS Phase 3 clinical trial, which treated PTSD with MDMA-assisted therapy. The results of this trial were earth-shattering. Equally important was the Compass phase 2b trial, treating treatment-resistant depression with Psilocybin.

Moving into the new year, I am excited to see more clinical trials, and I expect to see mergers in the field.

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