Attend Canada’s Premiere Psychedelics Conference From Anywhere in the World
Attend Canada’s Premiere Psychedelics Conference From Anywhere in the World

In 2022, we are at a turning point for the future of psychedelics. The decisions that are made today will paint the legal framework of psychedelics for the next decade. Questions such as “should psychedelic medicines become legalized?” and “should substances like magic mushrooms and LSD be decriminalized?” are currently being debated in the halls of power.

Therefore, the time to have your voice heard is NOW. And yes, you could continue to make your opinion known by screaming into the Twitter void, or, you could attend a conference that will include members of the Canadian government, leading psychedelic advocates like Paul Stamets, and representatives of the psychedelic business world.

We are of course talking about the annual Psychedelics Catalyst Summit, a one-of-a-kind event being held at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, from May 20 to May 22. And though the event is in Canada, anyone from around the world can attend via the online version of the conference, with live streaming from the live event. It’s the cheapest ticket tier, and our readers can get 20% off  any pass they choose.

The event will feature the world famous psychedelic advocate Paul Stamets, Canadian Senator Larry Campbell, Executive Chairman of Field Trip Health, Ronan Levy, and many more! 

Paul Stamets is a world famous mycologist and a leading advocate of psychedelics. He has published seven books, and has been a driving force in the destigmatization of psychedelics. His Joe Rogan appearance has almost 10 million views on YouTube, his Ted Talk 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World, has almost 4 million views, and his explanation of “The Stoned Ape Thesis” has millions more (more on that hypothesis here, by the way). 

There will be three main types of events at the Psychedelics Catalyst Summit. First, there will be keynote presentations where you will hear trailblazing ideas and research that is inspiring and forging Canada’s psychedelics landscape. Next, there will be panel discussions, where you can participate in intimate conversations with psychedelic leaders about the road to legalizing psychedelics. Finally, and most excitingly, there will be networking events where you can meet the leaders of the psychedelics space and make your voice heard.

Topics to be discussed include: the legal and regulatory frameworks of psychedelics; the business of psychedelics; and the science of psychedelics.

As a partner of the Catalyst Summit, Psychedelic Spotlight is excited to offer our readers 20%-off all tickets, while supplies last. All you have to do is either follow this link to buy your tickets, or use coupon code SPOTLIGHT20 at checkout. But hurry, tickets will be sold out soon!

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