3 Microdosing Clinical Trials to Keep an Eye On

Does microdosing psychedelics work, or is it the placebo effect? Here are 3 microdosing clinical trials looking for answers
Compass Pathways Appoints a New CEO

Compass Pathways Appoints a New CEO

George Goldsmith will be replaced as Compass Pathways CEO. Is this good or bad news?
Compass Pathways Psilocybin Patent Upheld

Compass Pathways Psilocybin Patent Upheld

Compass Pathways scores a major victory in their bid to patent Comp 360, a proprietary formulation of psilocybin.

Numinus Acquiring Novamind in First Major Psychedelics Merger

This deal will make Numinus the psychedelic medicines company with the highest revenue, though of course there is still a long road to profitability.

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Havn Life Collapses

Math Over Myth: Psychedelic Stock HAVN Life Collapses

The psychedelic corporate shakeout continues as another company, HAVN Life Sciences, folds due to lack of cash flow
Psychedelics in Palliative Care

End of Life: Psychedelics in Palliative Care

We interview Dr. Paul Thielking, Chief Science Officer of Numinus, about the use of psychedelics in palliative care and end of life care
Math over Myth MindMed

Math Over Myth: Spotlight on MindMed

In the latest installment of Math Over Myth we navigate psychedelic stock MindMed’s reverse split with Fibonacci numbers
Math over Myth ATAI Compass

Math Over Myth: Spotlight on Psychedelic Stocks ATAI & COMPASS

If you want to invest in psychedelic stocks, ignore the hype and look at the technicals. We take a deep dive on atai Life Sciences & COMPASS Pathways
ARK Invest psychedelic

Psychedelic Stocks: ARK Invest and the Reverse Midas Touch

, ,
Cathie Wood is buying up stocks from the most dubious actors in the psychedelic sector. Given ARK Invest’s subpar performance, is that a good thing?
Psychedelic Stocks

Psychedelic Stocks: MindMed and atai Slash their Pipelines, Mydecine Collapses

The psychedelic renaissance hits a rough patch as major companies look to tighten their belts or face total collapse. What’s happening with Psychedelic Stocks?
MindMed 18-MC Ibogaine Opioid Addiction

MindMed Shelves 18-MC for Opioid Use Disorder and Further Cuts Pipeline

MindMed drops its proprietary ibogaine for opioid addiction research amidst an ongoing shakeup. What is going on with this psychedelics company?
Field Trip FT-104 5-HO-DiPT

An Inside Look into Field Trip’s Next-Generation Psychedelic, FT-104

Field Trip is the only company exploring the therapeutic potential of a 4-HO-DiPT prodrug called FT-104. But how does it work?
Compass Pathways Sued

Compass Pathways Sued for Stealing Trade Secrets

Compass Pathways faces a legal challenge from Terran Biosciences over the potential theft of intellectual property