In today’s episode, I talk with Matt Stang, CEO of Delic Corp. Delic (OTCMKTS: DELCF) is a psychedelic medicines company aiming to put a dent in the mental health crisis.
They are doing this in three ways.

First, through their ketamine clinics. Delic runs the largest ketamine network in the world, with dozens of clinics across North America. At the moment, these clinics are only providing ketamine therapy for disorders like depression, but in the future, once they become legal, Delic also plans on offering other psychedelic therapies such as psilocybin and MDMA therapy.

Second, through education. Delic runs multiple media platforms, such as These media platforms aim to educate and entertain, leading towards the destigmatization of psychedelics in our culture. As many of the people behind Delic Corp were behind the legendary High Times Magazine, this is an area of expertise for the company. Ultimately, psychedelic compounds will never succeed as medicines if society does not get behind them. Delic also has podcasts, and they host psychedelic medicine events.

And third, through science. Delic Labs is currently working on creating next generation psychedelics. Delic Labs also works with third parties, completing research, which allows the labs to run on a profit.

Taken together, Delic is not only a core player in the psychedelics movement, but they are also one of the companies making a solid revenue.

Enjoy the episode!
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