Canadian Lawsuit TheraPsil

An Inside Look at the Lawsuit that could “Legalize Psychedelics in Canada”

A lawsuit filed by the non-profit advocacy group TheraPsil is leading the effort to make psilocybin-assisted therapy available to Canadian patients with a doctor's recommendation
DEA wont ban DOI DOC

Breaking: DEA Backs Off, Won’t Criminalize Two New Psychedelics

The DEA backs off announces they are withdrawing a proposed rule to ban the psychedelic drugs DOI and DOC, at least for now
Canada Oregon Psilocybin

Breaking: Canadian Minister Meets with the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board

The Canadian Minister of Mental Health and Addictions met with members of the Oregon psilocybin program, a surprise move which may signify easing restrictions on psychedelics
DEA bans psychedelic drugs

The DEA is Attempting to Ban Two New Psychedelic Drugs

The DEA moves to ban two obscure psychedelic drugs, DOI and DOC, amidst ongoing calls to ease restrictions on psychedelic medicines
California Psychedelic Decriminalization

California’s Cowardly Politicians Gut Psychedelic Decriminalization Bill

The California legislature had the power to act on psychedelic decriminalization, but instead decided to continue the War on Drugs
DEA Right to Try Psilocybin

DEA Under Pressure from Terminally Ill “Right to Try” Psychedelic Advocates

The DEA is denying psilocybin therapy for dying patients despite the Right To Try Act. Here’s a timeline of the fight to access to psychedelic therapy for terminally ill patients 
Psychedelic Clinical Trials

Three Phase 3 Clinical Trials that Could Legalize Psychedelics

The road to psychedelic legalization has many paths. These 3 clinical trials have the best chances to legalize psychedelics for therapy
DEA psychedelicsShutterstock

The DEA Backs Down, Will Not Criminalize 5 Psychedelics

This week the DEA announced it would withdraw its plan to schedule 5 research psychedelics. But we shouldn't celebrate just yet
5 Countries Where Psychedelics are Legal

5 Countries Where Psychedelics are Legal

People around the world are learning about the mental health benefits of psychedelics. Here are 5 countries where psychedelics are legal.

Indiana Nurse Faces Ten Years in Prison for Microdosing Psilocybin Mushrooms

Microdosing psilocybin mushrooms for depression is becoming mainstream, but current laws still make this treatment extremely risky