Comedy Superstar Russell Peters Invites the World to Watch His First Psychedelic Trip
Comedy Superstar Russell Peters Invites the World to Watch His First Psychedelic Trip

Comedy superstar Russell Peters invites you to join him for his first-ever psychedelic experience. 

The Canadian entertainer, who joined Ontario-based magic truffle company Red Light Holland as chief creative officer in May 2020, will be using the company’s psilocybin truffles to take the plunge inward in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Peters will be accompanied by a camera crew who will document his experience, and after he has completed his journey and integration session, he will give a special performance in front of a live audience. The performance will also be livestreamed on Red Light Holland’s social media accounts.

“I just hope after I deal with all my trauma, I still stay funny,” Peters says. “Seriously though, I’m truly ready for this future journey. I know I’m in the best hands with the Red Light Holland team, and I hope what I learn and ultimately share to the world will help me and hopefully help others.”

Peters began his career as a stand-up comedian, actor, and producer performing in his home city of Toronto in 1989. In 2008 Peters won a Gemini Award—the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy Awards in the United States—and he went on to become one of the world’s top-paid comedians, earning $21 million in 2013 according to an estimate by Forbes. He was also the first comedian to get a Netflix stand-up comedy special in 2013.

As chief creative officer at Red Light Holland, Peters works closely with CEO and Director Todd Shapiro to develop and implement the company’s creative vision and direct its marketing, advertising, social media, and other creative efforts.

“Russel’s candidness about his journey will help us get this important information out to a wider audience, and we respect and appreciate Russell’s commitment,” Shapiro says. “He’s assured us it’s the right time for him, and he’s comfortable with the set and setting and with sharing his experience to the world.”

Peters will be supported through his psychedelic journey by Red Light Holland therapist and psychedelic facilitator Jeff Hamburg. “It will be fascinating to hear Russell share his experience with the world since every journey is unique,” Hamburg says. “I am confident this will be beneficial not only to Russell himself but to others hearing and learning about the potential benefits of such an experience.”

Further information about the exact location and time of the event, which is expected to take place in late October, will be released next week.

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