First-Of-Its-Kind Ketamine Prescribing Service Now Available to Psychotherapists
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

Journey Clinical is launching a new first-of-its-kind ketamine prescribing service offering independent licensed mental health practitioners and private psychotherapy practices the prescription services they need to provide safe, effective, and transformative ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to their patients. 

Ketamine, a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved dissociative anesthetic used as an anesthetic and painkiller in medical settings, has been shown effective at quickly and effectively treating hard-to-treat depression and suicidality. Ketamine-assisted therapy, or KAP, is currently available from chain clinics and a small number of psychotherapists. 

Psychotherapists who sign up to become a member of Journey Clinical’s ketamine prescription service gain access to trained in-house ketamine prescribers to provide KAP as part of their practice. The service is currently the only one to guarantee independent clinicians access to ketamine prescriptions for eligible patients, along with a complete clinical and evidence-based system to maximize the safety and efficacy of KAP to improve patient outcomes. 

“While studying to become an independent psychotherapist myself, I realized that it was difficult for practitioners who aren’t interested in joining a chain clinic to provide ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for their patients,” says Jonathan Sabbagh, who co-founded Journey Clinical with Myriam Barthes in 2020. “As more patients seek out ketamine and other psychedelic therapies, those providers who already have established relationships with patients are going to be the key to getting the treatments safely and efficiently to the millions of people who need them. That’s why at Journey Clinical, we are honored to be at the service of independent psychotherapy practices.”

Journey Clinical is also partnering with educational platform Fluence to provide KAP training to its members along with access to outcomes-focused electronic health records system for psychedelic therapy through a partnership with digital platform service Osmind. 

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