Portland's Shroom House Magic Mushroom Dispensary Shuts Its Doors for Good
Portland's Shroom House Magic Mushroom Dispensary Shuts Its Doors for Good

Portland’s beloved Shroom House – a shroom dispensary that served its community for months in 2022 – has been officially marked as “permanently closed” on Google after they were subjected to a December police raid.

Last December, the Portland Police Bureau uncovered 22 pounds of psilocybin and a whopping $13,000 cash during a single bust. The ensuing investigation led to four arrests. Portlanders should not be too surprised by the raid, as psilocybin is only available medically in Oregon and stringent regulations exist around psychedelic drugs.

For any distribution to be legal, it would need approval from the federal government — something which cannot be achieved, due to the existing legal prohibitions. Hence, it was expected that this dispensary would get shut down eventually.

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Additional Information About Psilocybin Warrant Service (Photo) |Portland Police Bureau

In October 2022, Steven Tachie Jr., the owner of Shroom House opened up his business in West Burnside and this was reported by Willamette Week — an alternative weekly newspaper.

In the month of December, Tachie and store manager Jeramiahs Geronimo both pleaded “not guilty” to 40 felony charges in Multnomah County Circuit court as reported by Oregon Live. The police also confiscated records from their illegal business to be used for further inspection and prosecution against those arrested – with more arrests or citations if needed.

As Insider has recently reported, customers of Shroom House were required to fill out an application for the “Shroom House Society” before they could buy magic mushrooms. The documents requested their name and address, as Oregonian disclosed.

It is still unclear if Portland Police Bureau or Multnomah County District Attorney’s office are going to investigate any customers of the store.

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