So... Is Ketamine Legal? Where Can You Get It?

So… Is Ketamine Legal? Where Can You Get It & What Is Off-Label?

In the US, Ketamine is a ‘schedule III’ drug and is legal for medical use when prescribed by a licensed medical professional. Canada has similar medical exemptions for the use of Ketamine.
Does Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy Actually Work? I tried the Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Mat to Find Out

Does Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Actually Work? I Tried Higher Dose's Infrared PEMF Mat to Find Out

PEMF uses low frequency pulsed waves that seemingly create a ‘magnetic field’ around the body, which some studies have shown can promote cell growth, enhance stomach and nerve health, and reduce inflammation for physical wellness.
Discovering the Truth About Ketamine: A Conversation with Christi Myers of Flow Integrative

Discovering the Truth About Ketamine: A Conversation with Christi Myers of Flow Integrative

Ketamine has catapulted into the public eye over the last several years. Evidence has shown the drug can be incredibly effective in helping those with depression, suicidal ideation, and PTSD. The FDA recently approved a ketamine-derivative nasal spray as a treatment for major depressive disorder.
at-home ketamine therapy

I Tried At-Home Ketamine Therapy and Here’s What Happened

At home ketamine therapy offers convenience but also makes you be your own clinician. Is at home therapy right for you?
bad psychedelic therapist

Red Flags to Spot a Bad Psychedelic Therapist

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Psychedelic therapy is becoming more popular, but here are some red flags you can use to spot a bad psychedelic therapist
postpartum depression

Treating Postpartum Depression with Psychedelics

Postpartum depression impacts thousands with no good treatment options. Some people are now treating postpartum depression with psychedelics
Veterans and chronic pain

Can Psychedelics Help Veterans with Chronic Pain?

Many veterans suffer from dual epidemics of chronic pain and opioid dependence. Can psychedelics help vets curb addiction and fight chronic pain?
Ketamine therapy in Alabama

Kenton Bartlett is Offering True Ketamine Therapy in Birmingham, Alabama

Access to psychedelic therapy can be challenging for people living in southern states, but Kenton Bartlett is bringing ketamine therapy to Alabama
Depression SSRIS and Psychedelics

The Truth about Depression: Serotonin, SSRIs and Psychedelics

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A new review finds that the chemical imbalance model of depression is wrong. What lessons can we learn about depression, SSRIs and psychedelics?

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