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Here's Why California Governor Vetoed Psychedelic DecriminalizationShutterstock

Why the California Governor Vetoed Psychedelic Decriminalization

After passing through the California Assembly and Senate, Governor Gavin Newsom refuses to sign psychedelic decriminalization bill into law.
California Senate Votes in Favor of Legalizing Natural Psychedelics

California Senate Votes in Favor of Legalizing Natural Psychedelics

SB-58 would legalize the personal use of certain amounts of psilocybin, psilocyn, DMT, ibogaine, and mescaline.

A whole new mushroom convoy pulls up to Parliament!

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What’s happening at the Canadian Capital? Canadian non-profit organization TheraPsil is leading a delegation of patients, advocates & experts to return to Ottawa this February from the 11th-17th seeking compassionate access to psilocybin…
what does decriminalization mean

‘Decriminalize Drugs’ Movement is Gaining Momentum Around the World: What Does it Actually Mean?

What does decriminalization of drugs mean? As government entities worldwide strive to combat criminal activity and public health crises, drug decriminalization is becoming increasingly more common.
colorado psychedelics decriminalization

Breaking: Colorado Becomes the 2nd State to Decriminalize Psychedelics

In a tight race that came down the wire, Colorado voters approve Measure 122 to decriminalize small amounts of psychedelic drugs
The Awakening of Consciousness Conference with Paul Karasik

The Awakening of Consciousness Conference with Paul Karasik

In this episode, Matthew and Paul discuss The Psychedelic Institute's aspirations with the launch of the Awakening of Consciousness Conference, the differences between legalization and decriminalization, and the importance of being brave, and thinking outside the box in understanding what it takes to make the most of one's own experience of sacred plant medicines.
colorado psychedelics decriminalization

Psychedelic Decriminalization is on the Ballot in Colorado

This November, Colorado voters have the chance to decriminalize psychedelic plant medicines for personal and therapeutic use
San Francisco Psychedelics Decrim

What’s in the San Francisco Psychedelics Decrim Resolution?

San Francisco becomes the latest city to decriminalize entheogenic plants in another win for Decriminalize Nature
California Psychedelic Decriminalization

California’s Cowardly Politicians Gut Psychedelic Decriminalization Bill

The California legislature had the power to act on psychedelic decriminalization, but instead decided to continue the War on Drugs

5 States Likely to Legalize Psychedelics

As psychedelics continue to gain mainstream acceptance, these 5 states have started the process to legalize psychedelics