What to Wear to a Psychedelic Retreat?
What to Wear to a Psychedelic Retreat?

Embarking on a psychedelic retreat is a profound and introspective journey that offers participants a chance to delve into the depths of their consciousness, fostering personal growth and a deeper connection with the universe. As you prepare for this transformative experience, it’s crucial to consider not only your mental and emotional state but also the physical aspects, including what you choose to wear. Thoughtfully selecting your attire can significantly enhance your comfort, intention, and overall engagement with the retreat.

So what to wear to a psychedelic retreat? The question seems simple and obvious at hand, but let’s dive deeper into it.


psychedelic retreat
Wearing something comfortable to your psychedelic retreat will enhance your experience. Source: HealingMaps

Tripping at a psychedelic retreat, or even at home, is going to require conscious choice of clothing. But why would clothes matter at a psychedelic retreat? Easy. Many of these retreats take place in warm climates, outside, and involve nature in some shape, way, or form. Your body needs to breath while tripping. On top of that, you can often experience temperature fluctuations during a trip, so it is best to wear something that won’t make you be too hot or have you suffering from cold either.

Secondly, it is important to wear loose clothing. Loose clothing is going to keep you comfortable and prevent you from feeling constricted. Wearing clothes that make you feel constricted can make a psychedelic experience uncomfortable, and when you are in a retreat, that’s the last thing you want to feel. Apparently, some businessmen sometimes wear suits to psychedelic retreats, which, come on…you want to wear a suit to a trip? I guess some people really take business seriously.

Lastly, you want to avoid clothing that is going to distract you during your trip, such as wearing overly embellished pieces that may distract you due to the noise or touch. The same could be said about visually distracting pieces. It is best to not wear shirts with imagery that may affect your trip, for example, don’t wear a shirt with a scary face on it. The smallest things can become a distraction during a psychedelic trip, so it is important to prevent this.

Now, what type of shoes should you wear?

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walking barefoot on grass
Going barefoot during a psychedelic experience can make you feel closer to nature. Source: Fosters

Obviously, you will not want to wear dress shoes or heels to a psychedelic retreat in case there is a hiking component. Even if there isn’t a hike, you do not want to constrict your feet into tiny foot prisons for 6+ hours of a psychedelic trip…that just sounds…uncomfortable. Footwear is a pretty important thing to take into consideration. So assess your retreat: are you going to be walking a lot? Are you going to hike through nature? Is the landscape flat or will it be rocky?

Next, the overall concept of wearing shoes during a trip should also be addressed. Psychedelics will make you feel loose while you are tripping, so when you are wearing shoes, it can feel uncomfortable. Opt for sandals or lightweight sneakers to prevent making your feet confined. Another option is simply to go barefoot. There is something soothing about being able to feel the ground with your feet and spread your toes. Being barefoot can facilitate a direct connection to the earth beneath you. In certain instances, such as walking barefoot on natural terrain, you may enhance your sensory experience, amplifying your connection with the surrounding world. If you are tripping at a retreat, there is often a pool area or a small garden which can feel great to walk through barefoot. Getting your feet wet or feeling grass while tripping can be a relaxing experience and can make you feel closer to nature. It can be an illuminating experience to connect to the earth during your experience.

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man holding crystals
Items that are projected with positive energy can make people feel grounded. Source: Powell’s Owls

Many people choose to wear some form of symbolic jewelry to their retreat or experience, such as crystals, amulets, or meaningful items that carry personal significance. This can often help people feel grounded due to the positive energy they project upon the object. On the other hand, some people can feel distracted by wearing accessories. For those with sensory issues, wearing necklaces or bracelets can feel uncomfortable due to the way it feels on their skin or the way they sound. If you believe in the power of crystals or amulets, then bring them along on your trip, otherwise, they may distract you. You know yourself best.

Flowy Attire

Flowy linen pants
Flowy attire, such as linen pants, can help you be comfortable during your psychedelic retreat. Source: Travel+Leisure


In essence, the attire you select for a psychedelic retreat becomes a harmonious fusion of intention and comfort, intricately woven into the fabric of your transformative journey. The question of what to wear to a psychedelic retreat does not have to be complicated. From the freedom of loose, breathable clothing that accompanies your movements, to the grounding sensation of barefoot connection with the earth, each choice serves as a brushstroke painting the canvas of your experience. Symbolic jewelry, an extension of your aspirations, and the graceful flow of attire resonate as both physical and spiritual companions, allowing you to navigate the inner landscapes with a heightened sense of purpose and connection. As you embark on this profound odyssey of self-discovery and consciousness expansion, your clothing becomes a silent partner, supporting your quest to explore the depths of your mind and embrace the universe’s embrace.

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