Wonderland Miami

2nd Annual Microdose Awards Winners

The winners of the 2nd annual Microdose Awards were announced this week. Take a look and see who took home the prize
Wonderland Miami

Wonderland Miami Recap – Day 1

Wonderland Miami is the largest psychedelic networking conference in the world. Here are highlights from day one
seth rogen magic mushrooms

Seth Rogen’s Many Magic Mushroom Trips

Actor Seth Rogen has made his love of magic mushrooms public many times, here's a list of his shroom greatest hits
magic mushrooms ranked by potency

The Strongest Magic Mushroom Species Ranked by Potency

Magic mushrooms come in all shapes an sizes, but which ones are the most potent? We rank the strongest magic mushrooms by potency
czech ayahuasca prison sentence

Couple Sentenced to Eight Years for Czech Ayahuasca Ceremonies

A Polish couple is sentenced to eight years in prison for hosting ayahuasca ceremonies at their home in the Czech Republic
amanita muscaria mushroom

A Cultural History Of The Amanita Muscaria Mushroom

From Sibera to Soma, to the Greeks and Celts and Vikings, the Amanita muscaria mushroom has been with us throughout history
at-home ketamine therapy

I Tried At-Home Ketamine Therapy and Here’s What Happened

At home ketamine therapy offers convenience but also makes you be your own clinician. Is at home therapy right for you?
bad psychedelic therapist

My Experience with a Bad Psychedelic Therapist

, ,
Psychedelic therapy is becoming more popular, but here are some red flags you can use to spot a bad psychedelic therapist
mushrooms on a plane

Why it’s a Bad Idea to Take Mushrooms on a Plane

Psychonauts react to viral story of man who assaulted flight attendants after taking mushrooms on a plane
Desert Daze

Edible Insects, King Gizzard, and Tame Impala Featured at Desert Daze 2022

Desert Daze music festival returned with vengeance this year, focusing on psychedelics and reminding us all that rock and roll isn’t dead