Study: 69% of Suicidal Patients Saw 'Significant' Improvement With Ketamine Therapy

Study: 69% of Suicidal Patients Saw ‘Significant’ Improvement With Ketamine Therapy

A new study links ketamine therapy to a significant reduction in thoughts of suicide for 69 percent of study participants.

5-MeO-DMT: Can ‘Toad Juice’ Cure Depression?

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Clinical trials will look at the benefits of 5-MEO DMT as a treatment for relief from a number of mental health issues including depression.
psilocybin truffles

How Red Light Holland Is Bringing Psilocybin Truffles Mainstream

Canada's Red Light Holland is preparing to take its psilocybin truffles global as demand for psychedelics heats up.
woman asleep

Are Psychedelics the Secret for Coma Patients? Why This Doctor Thinks They Might Be

Should coma patients be given psychedelics? Dr. Hyder Khoja thinks they could be the best weapon in helping comatose people wake.
psychedelic mushrooms

Canada Moves Closer Toward Legalizing Psychedelics

Canada is stepping toward legalization of psychedelics to aid in treating mental health issues.

Daniel Carcillo’s Wesana Health Raises $4 Million to Expand Psychedelic Research

Wesana Health, founded by former NHL star Daniel Carcillo, has raised $4 million to continue its psychedelic research for traumatic brain injuries.
Is America Ready for Psilocybin Mushroom Retreats

Is America Ready for Psilocybin Mushroom Retreats?

With Oregon's recent victory for psychedelics, psilocybin retreats could soon be commonplace. What does that mean for mental health treatment?
Psychedelics and Addiction

Could Psilocybin End Our Addiction Crisis?

Psilocybin is showing potential in addressing the alcoholism and addiction crises, new data find.
Mike Tyson Credits 5-MeO

5 Athletes Who Healed With Psychedelic Therapy

Some of the world's top athletes have used psychedelic therapy to overcome addiction, depression, and other mental health issues.
Synthetic ibogaine

New Synthetic Ibogaine Treats Addiction With Fewer Side Effects

A new version of synthetic ibogaine can treat opioid addiction but with a decreased risk of cardiac arrhythmias.