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We’re a Psychedelic Community with an Educational Foundation.

We welcome the explorer who is just getting started with psychedelics!
Following this path can feel a bit isolating, and sometimes overwhelming.
We’re here, co-creating a safe place to learn and grow!

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Many psychedelic explores seek to understand ways of achieving greater creativity through microdosing, and need help implementing a structured approach. While others are seeking to experience higher levels of consciousness without psychedelics!
These two courses do just that! Learn to achieve flow sate through microdosing, and altered states simply through breath!

Breath is Life
Microdosing For Creativity

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For those looking to take their journey deeper, and are looking for particular guidance, our Bonfire Facilitators are here to help. Get to know our areas of expertise and book a session with those whose sole purpose is to assist your exploration of altered states and growth.

Tim Sinnett
Tim Sinnett
Troy McFadden
Troy McFadden
Simone MacKay
Simone MacKay

Module 1

“When we live a life closer in alignment to our values, we frequently feel happier, more satisfied, and more energetic. When we act and behave in ways that are not in alignment with our values, we can feel stressed out, uneasy, and unhappy.”

The first module, Mindset, was carefully designed by Tim Sinnett, an Integrative Transformational Life Coach and Psychedelics facilitator. This module will equip you with a deeper understanding of yourself before beginning your journey with plant medicine and psychedelics.

In this module you will:

  • Determine whether psychedelics are appropriate for you
  • Define your core values and primary goals
  • Create the appropriate mindset to step forward
    in achieving those goals

Module 2

“No matter which medicine you choose, they are all going to open you up into altered and expanded states of consciousness. Lots of thoughts, ideas, memories, and experiences can unfold in these realms, some of which may be entirely new to you.”

“This wonderful module dives into the various compounds one typically expects to journey with. Created by seasoned Transformational Coach, Troy Mcfadden, it is designed to enable you to choose what kind of psychedelic is best for you.

In this module you will:

  • Determine which psychedelic you should journey with
  • Learn how much or how often should you should take it
  • Define what context should you take it in

Module 3

"Trust that if you have set your intention, the learnings that arise in the journey may not be what you expected, but they will be what is necessary for you as you continue your healing journey.”

In this module, Fola Veritas, a Psychiatric Nurse, Reiki Master Teacher & Shamanic Practitioner, dives into the preparation for your psychedelic journey. You’ll understand what is necessary in order to create the perfect space for your psychedelic journey.

In this module you will understand:

  • why preparation is necessary for a journey,
  • what set & setting have to do with your experience
  • how to go about setting an intention prior to
    entering the psychedelic space

Module 4

“As we become more aware, and expanded, we can take more conscious actions, however small and subtle they might be, into more and more of the circumstances, relationships, and moments of our life.”

This module is designed to help truly evolve and level-up your psychedelic experience. Through the powerful practice of integration, novice and experienced individuals alike can truly change their lives for the better with daily mindful techniques.

In this module created by Troy Mcfadden, you will:

  • Understand what integration is
  • Develop methods and tools of integration that you can do on your own
  • Understand the difference between Psychedelic Integration Therapy and Coaching
Written by Vetted Coaches | Real-Time Sessions with Facilitators | Minimal Time Commitment

Come Grab a Seat By PSPACE

Each week, we host virtual events that are carefully designed to help you prepare for elevated states of consciousness, connect with your heart, and learn action-oriented ways to help you grow as a person.

Course Structure

The Psychedelics For Beginners course runs for 30 Days.
Weekly live events happen to dive further into the course materials. Ask question about the modules, and get answer.
Each module will be presented in a video format, and can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.
Each module comes with its own downloadable PDF for you to keep.
Book 1 on 1 sessions with facilitators for a more personalized experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take Psychedelics in this course?
No. This course is not intended for realtime journeying. Think of it like an overview of what to expect, and how to potentiate outcomes, when you decide to trip!
What happens if I miss an event?
Don’t worry. We record every event and
post them in the chat! Catchup when you can.
What materials do I need?
Computer, internet,
Is this a training and certification course?
No. This is a personal education course to equip you with the best mindset and resources before journeying with psychedelics.
What kind of people will I meet in this course
You’ll likely be surprised to meet a lot of folks just like yourself! Pepper in a few coaches, facilitators and seasoned trippers!

What People Are Saying

"This is like a gym membership for the soul."
Frederic- Montreal
My first session was very good. I did not expect to have such a good connection. It is a very special place to share real experiences and find real connections. I'm looking forward to the next one and getting more involved in the community.
Thomas- Spain
I joined PSPACE to learn best practices for psychedelic therapy and personal growth. I found within the very first meeting, not only competent people , but the most warm, passionate, ethical souls, to share wisdom, experience, and learning with. Cannot wait for the next meeting, and module!
Dr. Madelein Walker- South Africa
I felt comfortable enough to share things here that I haven't shared with anyone else.
Canada- Annonymos