Wesana Health and University of South Carolina Partner on Psychedelic Brain Research
Photo by Nathz Guardia on Unsplash

Efforts to understand the benefits of psychedelics on brain health are behind “BrainStorm Lab” – a new partnership between the University of South Carolina and Wesana Health, the psychedelic life sciences company founded by former NHL player, Daniel Carcillo. Wesana is funding the project’s start with $1.5 million. The research is expected to begin by the end of the year.

The BrainStorm Lab will lead research on neurological and cognitive improvement as well as formulations, protocols, technology, and FDA-approved product development within the psychedelic space.

“Through the BrainStorm Lab and our partnership with UofSC, we will be on the cutting edge of research and what collision and non-collision sports athletes, military operators and TBI survivors can be doing now, to enhance cognitive and athletic performance, inherently protecting themselves from future injury.” Daniel Carcillo, co-founder and CEO of Wesana Health, said in a statement.

Traumatic brain injury is a core focus for Wesana Health—Carcillo recovered from his own brain injuries with the aid of psychedelics. The company is now leading the exploration into psychedelics and brain injuries, particularly among athletes.

According to Chad Bronstein, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Wesana Health, the University of South Carolina was the company’s choice because it is the top-ranked exercise program in the nation, and top-three ranked program in the world.

“Through the combined efforts of Wesana and UofSC, this research center and its focus on the intersection of neurological health and athletic performance will help to advance the state of brain health amongst athletes and put them in position for greater success both during and after their playing careers,” Bronstein said.

The BrainStorm Lab will work with leading athletes — including Olympians — as well as military personnel to design and implement brain-protecting and recovery tools.

“The BrainStorm Lab was founded on the principle that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Historically, brain health has fixated on measuring or mitigating degradation after an injury takes place,” added Paul DiTuro, Founder and Performance Director of BrainStorm Lab at the University of South Carolina. “BrainStorm is a collaboration of some of the nation’s most forward-thinking scientists focused on building armor around the brain before the injury occurs.”

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