Women Are More Likely to Use Psychedelics Than Men
Photo by Kindred Hues Photography on Unsplash

When it comes to exploring the depths of the subconscious, women are more likely to take the plunge than men, says a 2020 Global Drug Survey.

According to the findings, women used MDMA more than men — about 35 percent of women preferred MDMA, followed by LSD, at more than 25 percent. Nearly 39 percent of men preferred LSD; 22 percent preferred psilocybin mushrooms.

The survey noted that reasons for use varied by gender, with about two percent identifying as nonbinary. Men were more likely to use the substances to treat for depression, about 40 percent. For women, the substances were also used for depression, about 31 percent. But women had a higher likelihood to use them to treat trauma, about 9 percent of respondents said that was their priority; nearly 6 percent were treating for PTSD. Substance abuse was the lowest priority for both men and women, with 4.6 of men citing it as their motivation, and just over 2 percent of women.

The numbers likely reflect the higher rates of depression amongst women compared to men. Women report depression at twice the rates of men. They also have higher rates of anxiety and PTSD. These are all conditions where psychedelics are showing promise in clinical settings.

The survey also found that an overwhelming number of respondents reported positive outcomes; nearly 90 percent said they’d do it again in a legal setting, 86 percent cited their experience as helpful, and 79 percent said they’re likely to recommend a supervised session.

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